Which university did you go to? What was your major?
I got my diploma in accounting from University of Indonesia and my bachelor, also in the same major, from Trisakti University.

Is RB your first job?
No. Prior to joining, I joined a mid-sized accounting firm which is affiliated with a top 30 international network for a number of years. Then I worked as a corporate accountant in large multinational company before I realized that being an auditor was my call. I then found RB as a place for realizing my dream to become a public accountant.

What did you learn during your first year at RB?
In my first year, I was assigned for an audit engagement in the oil and gas industry, which I had no such industry exposure before. I was coached to learn the oil and gas industry and some accounting standards and practices that are particular to that industry.

How would you describe what you do every day on the job? Any examples of typical tasks you might do?
As a senior associate, I am assigned to be the in-charge for multiple audit and other attestation engagements. In managing engagements, I work with managers, partners and team members to ensure that we get all procedures completed and all risks addressed. Typical tasks I do are working on some high risk areas, reviewing team member’s work done, preparing audit findings for a discussion with managers and partners, preparing for an exit meeting, and reporting.

Since RB was not your first job, what do you think was different working at RB as opposed to other firms in the same industry?
RB has a superb project management. We are very committed to deadlines and we put communication to clients as the key to our service excellence. Therefore, in RB, communications among professional staff, support staff, and partners are very open.

Stephanie Octavia - Senior Associate

Reanda Indonesia
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