Bringing our industry experience and the latest knowledge of changing tax laws, our professional tax consultants can bring added value to your organization. We can provide effective tax planning and assurance to meet your tax compliance responsibilities accurately and on time.

With cross-border tax knowledge, we can help you optimize your tax planning. We take an approach that understands how you do business and transact with your global business partners. With a good understanding of your business, we can help you identify efficient tax alternatives, provide an analysis of the tax implications of several options, and structure transactions to achieve your goals.

Our Services

There are many tax returns (Surat Pemberitahuan/SPT) that companies must submit to the Indonesian Tax Service Office (KPP), both monthly and annually, such as:

  • Annual and monthly corporate income tax return
  • Monthly employee income tax return
  • Monthly value added tax (VAT) return

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

We can assist you in managing your corporate tax compliance in Indonesia. Our strong team of tax consultants provides high-quality tax services that enable you to stay focused on your business.

In the new era of Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI), taxes are becoming increasingly daunting for taxpayers, both individuals and companies. With our global footprint, we can provide you with tax consultation before entering a business transaction.

Reanda International Tax Panel dedicates our services to global clients as they expand into new markets.

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

You can consult about the tax impact of your new business model and/or prospective deals with us. You can also consult us on improving your cash flow by identifying tax return opportunities, incorporating tax planning into your organization's operating and design strategy, and creating an effective system with built-in tax controls. We'll help you with our extensive tax knowledge and offer ways to take advantage of local government tax incentives.

In Indonesia, tax disputes can arise from the following situations:

  • During a tax audit: If you are tax audited, the tax auditors from the Indonesian Tax Office (ITO) would examine your tax reporting along with your financial statements and other financial data. In most cases, you may have some disagreements on the tax corrections they propose. During this process, you must be able to argue with solid technical arguments supported by relevant documents. Otherwise, their proposed corrections will automatically translate to tax assessments.
  • During an objection process: An objection process is the next stage after a tax audit. If you disagree with a particular tax assessment, you may proceed to the objection stage. During the objection stage, you must submit an objection letter, which will be the basis of further discussions with the ITO.
  • During tax appeal: If the ITO rejects your objection, you can still fight your case in the tax court.
  • During tax reconsideration: Under certain circumstances, you may still not agree with the tax court decision regarding your tax appeals. If this were your situation, you might bring the tax court decisions on your appeals or complaints to the Supreme Court for reconsideration.


How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

Our team of Brevet C licensed tax consultants and attorneys can help you minimize the tax consequences of one such situation.

In the era of globalization, more and more companies are managing their risks through global strategies. Thus, tax regulators worldwide are increasing their focus on related party transactions. As a result, transfer pricing becomes an important issue for multinational taxpayers.

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

Through our tax panel, we are in a solid position to support your global business in managing your international tax risk within the following services:

  • Transfer pricing documentation: we prepare transfer pricing documentation that includes at least a description of your business, detailed functional analysis, and benchmarking.
  • Transfer pricing planning, compliance, and controversy resolution: we provide support in tax audits, objections, and appeals.

Value Added Taxes (VAT) is a major consideration especially for companies which do import and export of goods and/or services.

Accordingly, applying as a Taxable Entrepreneur is a strategic decision as it can affect the company's cash flows.

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

Our extensive experience in dealing with VAT issues will bring you the advantage of saving your cash flows.

Apart from providing VAT-related services, we also offer services on sales tax on luxury goods.

Our range of services for VAT and sales tax on luxury goods includes:

  • Tax planning and consulting regarding VAT and sales tax on luxury goods
  • VAT refund
  • VAT dispute resolution (audit, objection, and appeal)
  • VAT due diligence review
  • VAT training

As a country with a high economic growth in ASEAN, Indonesia becomes a business destination for importing consumer and production goods. Unfortunately, there are so many custom-related issues at ports.
Our team provides custom services for global clients who aim to enter the Indonesian market.

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

Our range of custom-related services includes:

  • Customs planning and consulting
  • Customs dispute resolution (audit, objection, and appeal)
  • Due diligence review on customs
  • Customs HS tariff classification (planning and decision)
  • Strategic trade planning (e.g., ASEAN-AFTA)
  • License application (e.g., Customs Registration Certificate/SRP, Limited Importer Identification Card/APIT)
  • Application and implementation of Customs Bonded Zone and Bonded Warehouse
  • Import facilities (from BKPM, KITE, Customs, etc.)
  • Application for refunds and less duty
  • Anti-dumping and countervailing

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

In an M&A context, we provide the following range of services:

  • Deal structuring: we provide advice to structure acquisitions to optimize net cash flows.
  • Tax due diligence: we perform pre-acquisition due diligence to estimate the tax exposures.
  • M&A transactions: we assess and manage acquisition/merger risk.
  • Post-deal tax integration: we ensure post-deal tax integration.

See more of M&A Services here.

In the era of globalization, transactions are borderless. Thus, many large companies set up legal entities in other countries. Various tax regulations in different countries can burden your corporate tax reporting if you do not have a good knowledge of the systems and tax regulations in the country where you operate.

Our Reanda International network has established an International Tax Panel (ITP) of tax experts worldwide. Every year we hold regular meetings to discuss global taxation issues to provide comprehensive and integrated tax solutions for our international clients with a combination of local knowledge and global connectivity.

How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

We provide a wide range of services related to global taxation, including:

  • Tax registration and de-registration for foreign direct investment companies and expatriates
  • Expatriate tax compliance
  • Advice on cross-tax travel and social security aspects of compensation packages
  • Dispute resolution (audits, reasons, and appeals)