M&A Deals

Merger & Acquisition Deals

We advise corporate and financial clients by providing in-depth deal experiences with industry experts to structure, conduct due diligence, integrate, assess, and communicate around transactions. With a global merger and acquisitions (M&A) platform, we also provide information on potential M&A deals worldwide.

Our Services

In every deal structuring engagement, we share the same main goal: to reach a fair agreement on price and meet buyer and seller expectations.


How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

Our merger and acquisition (M&A) team, consisting of multidisciplinary experts such as legal, finance, strategy, operations, finance, IT, and HR, can provide advice and assistance for your business in the following areas:

  • Suggestions on appropriate deal structures
  • Advice on the accounting/tax implications of the proposed structure
  • Advice on the Government approval process
  • Assistance in the settlement process
  • Due diligence and negotiation support

We serve our clients by conducting due diligence to uncover potential financial and strategic risks or rewards. We work closely with our global network to assist with domestic and cross-border or international transactions.


How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

By bringing together relevant expertise and industry experience from international and local experts, our due diligence services consist of:

  • Financial and tax due diligence
  • Tax arrangements for acquisition purposes

You can measure the success of the new merger deals during integration and implementation, so it is crucial to have the right partner during those phases.


Our dedicated deal team ensures that your post-merger integrations are not a hurdle and that your M&A deal performs according to your expectations.


How Reanda Bernardi can help your company

We help you through the integration process:

  • Plan the integration: in the integration planning phase, we identify what you want to achieve in the agreement. We will work with you to develop an integration roadmap and a set of guiding principles that you can use to define and execute a clear integration strategy.
  • Implement the integration: the roadmap developed at the planning stage must be executed properly to achieve alignment and capture the agreement's value. You must also communicate the resulting performance to all stakeholders. You will need a clear vision, strong leadership, detailed plans, and disciplined program management to execute the integration successfully. We'll help you ensure that these success factors drive value from integration execution.
  • Monitor the integration: help employees focus on practical activities at the right time. While specific business units develop integrated assessments, centralized processes, and tools for monitoring, tracking, and reporting, keeping the combined company on task and delivering measurable results is critical. We will work with you to adopt a disciplined approach to capture deal value, promote early buying, achieve early wins, build momentum and instill trust among your stakeholders.


We also provide functional support with a wide range of experts who can quickly identify where the value is and where the potential risk is.